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Projekt 24 Sp. z o.o. specializes in implementation of ERP systems from Hansa family. We perform the following tasks:
- pre-implementation analisys
- modelling your business in Hansa systems
- consultancy on software and hardware
- personel training
- Hansa customizations in HAL language
- integration of Hansa with other software solutions (eg. banking systems).

After implementation, we offer full maintenance support. Customers with valid maintenance agreement benefit from remote service tools of our own design, which practically eliminate any need for on-site service, thus reducing the cost dramatically.

Throughout the years we earned a very good opinion about our quality of service, which is primarily based on our experience with Hansa systems. Both our implementation as well as development department are successfull with Hansa systems for almost 16 years. We have thorough knowledge of the systems, both functional and technological, some of our employees took part in Hansa systems introduction to Polish market in 1993.

We have implementations in all kinds of businesses, be it trade, services or production. We will accept any questions regarding our work, we can also send you a list of implementations similar to your business.

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